Seven Key Elements of Success: Element 4: Avoid Distractions

Avoid DistractionsCan you see how all these elements are tying in with each other?  There is however, a a trap that many people fall into.  Most people reading this series of articles:

Make a plan, take some action and believe they are totally focused on their objectives.

In other words they’re not skipping between different plans; they don’t go looking for greener grass…

Yet. There never seems to be time to complete all the tasks they have in their plan. Why is that?


What I’m talking about are the things that sneak up on you.

For example, you may be taking action by making a forum posting to get people to go to your web site or offer. That’s part of your plan and strategy so it shouldn’t be a problem…

Until you notice a post someone else has made on your subject!

It seems very interesting and you feel you need to check it out to help in your business, next thing you know its an hour and ten minutes later. You’ve read a whole heap of info, and your business hasn’t moved forward!

You Got Distracted!

The same thing can happen when you go to places like YouTube and Facebook. (Especially Facebook)

Arriving on YouTube with the full intention of just watching that ONE video of how to perform a certain task you need to do as part of your plan. Taking the action and being focused on learning what’s required.

Again you just happen to see the next three videos are all on the same subject – Maybe they’ll show a different way than the one you just watched, lo and behold another 20 – 30 minutes has disappeared from your online time!

It’s been a hard morning and evening, with all that reading and then those videos, and the notes you’ve taken. It’s time for a 5 minute break,

Just a quick visit to Facebook to reward yourself for all the effort you’ve put in today.

Before you know it another 45 minutes or more has been eaten away.

I may be exaggerating but I know people this has happened to, and quite honestly, they don’t know where the time went!

So the point I’m trying to make is to build things into your plan. Allow for a forum visit, but remember the purpose of it.

Watch the video you need to, but if you see more of interest, bookmark them, by all means reward yourself with a visit to your favorite gaming site.


With all these things allocate your time as though you were allocating it to an employee. Set tasks that you have decided must be done, then and only then slot into your schedule the things that aren’t making a difference to your business!

One of the surest ways to help you avoid distractions is to get yourself a small piece of card, about the size of a business card.

Write on one side…

“Is what I’m doing NOW ultimately going to grow my business?”

Place the card on, or close to your PC screen, then when you’re thinking of clicking that next link or reading that next post, as you spot the card, you may find yourself thinking…

NO. I’ll go back to that later when I’ve completed what I set out to do today! Don’t allow distractions to STEAL your cash.

Tthink about this.

If an hour of productive time on your business results in you making an extra $50.

Then start adding up all the time you’ve spent on things that aren’t producing for you, after all that’s why you’re here isn’t it? To gain the knowledge to produce extra income?

So if it did just boil down to say 75 minutes a day…

20 minutes here and 10 minutes there… Another 15 and then perhaps a half hour you really didn’t see fly by.

Suddenly, and without even realizing it,

You’ve had a potential $16,000+ STOLEN from your annual income!

If it were half that, heck if it were only a quarter, that’s still cash I’m sure you’d rather have in your pocket?

Summing up so far.

1.  Make a Plan
2.  Take Action
3.  Stay Focused, stick to your plan
4.  Avoid Distractions

Ask yourself:

“Is what I’m doing NOW ultimately going to grow my business?”