Seven Key Elements of Success: Element 5: Keep It Going

Keep It Going

You Can Do It – Keep Trying

We established what you need to do if you want to follow the successful marketer so far is, to make a plan, take action, stay focused and stick to your plan, and finally, avoid distractions.

If those are the only elements you follow, you will have some success. But, what if you want more than just some success, well then you need to add another element that every successful marketer uses, and that is:

Keep It Going.

Don’t suffer the fate of many who taste success and revel in it for a short time, only to finish up right back where they started. I can only tell you from personal experience of good people I know, that it can all go horribly wrong.

Here’s what I’ve seen happen to some, and like I said, these were good people, just like you and I. I’ll just talk about one guy in particular, lets just call him Joe (I don’t want to hurt his feelings or embarrass him).

Joe came online to make some extra money, and without boring you, he went through the usual schemes and wasted more than he made for a while, just as many of us do.

He wasn’t too unhappy after all; it was more of a hobby than a serious attempt. You see, Joe had a day job that paid quite well, so he didn’t need an online business to feed his family or anything, he was a sales rep for a local home improvements company.

Anyway, as luck would have it one call Joe went on was to the house of an internet marketer … a full time successful marketer, after conducting business and completing his presentation Joe was enjoying a coffee with his client and naturally the top of the range computer in the downstairs office was discussed, as Joe was in awe of the equipment his client had.

Joe knew from his sales presentation that the client made his income online and was relating his trials and errors and all the losses he had from attempting to do the same. This is where Joe became a real student of marketing.

The client explained all the things Joe was doing wrong and showed him some of the systems he had in place, telling Joe how he made money from multiple streams of income. Joe was fascinated; he paid great attention to what was being said and took several mental notes. Later he wrote down everything he could remember and set about creating his plan.

Joe did consider this a fortunate meeting, not only did he get the sale of his companies products, but he had learned from a successful marketer where he was going wrong and what he should be doing, a free lesson from a really good mentor…

Joe, immediately on getting home, scrapped everything he was doing that was non-profitable, and started to implement what he had been told.

He started with some research and made himself a plan….

within a couple of weeks he was taking action on his plans, and referring often to his notes from what the mentor had said, he made sure he was focused and did what was required to get his business into profit, he avoided any distractions and started to make money… Very reasonable money at that.

As the weeks passed the income levels grew to the point where Joe no longer needed to check his inbox… He just checked his merchant account to find money waiting for him. This was the life Joe had envisaged,

He thought he had it in the bag at last.

Would you believe it (Joe didn’t) within another couple of months his income was back down to break even!

Joe noticed that things seemed to have dried up … yes there was still some coming through, but nothing like there had been. He started to spend more on promotions to increase his sales, but the systems didn’t seem to be working any more.

Joe was lucky here, He could easily have gone the route of many, and eventually lost some big money … like a gambler chasing a losing streak, it’s not the way to go!

That’s when Joe realized he didn’t get the whole picture (well how could he from one evenings chat?) So he called up the successful marketer, and luckily, he was happy to speak to Joe again and explain where he’d gone wrong.

He Hadn’t Kept It Going!

Yes, he’d set things up and they did well for a while, but he hadn’t thought about creating new products for his existing customers, and he hadn’t tried to look after them, nor grow his list other than those who had bought.

Fortunately for Joe he had the mentorship of a successful marketer to help him see what he needed to do next.

For many that get to where Joe got to it’s the start of a slippery slope back down to nothing. Possibly worse for those that put everything they have and all their hopes and dreams into their success!

So what I’m trying to teach and relay to you here, is to keep it going.

Once you have taken the steps to achieve some success, think long and hard about the medium and long term strategies you’re going to employ.

Keep creating new products, both for your existing customers and for new markets.

Be sure to look after your customers, build your lists of buyers and treat them well; give them more of what they want.

Also be constantly planning to find new customers and potential customers for you to cross promote your various products to. Keep up to date with the constant changes occurring in your business and in the internet in general.

Essentially, DON’T Rest on your Laurels…

“Keep It Going”

That’s how every successful marketer consistently makes their full time income!

Summing up so far.

1.  Make a Plan
2.  Take Action
3.  Stay Focused, stick to your plan
4.  Avoid Distractions
5.  Keep It Going